I walked into the bank

and was stopped by the puffed out chest

of a security guard.

Off. Off. OFF! He roared and grabbed my arm.

WTF, from the safety of the street

into the vice like grip of Man Mountain

demanding I take something off.

I’m confused.

The bank is crowded, so it can’t be my shorts he wants

or maybe it is. After all, this is Sint Maarten.

Hushed depositors, check cashers

and money launderers eagerly watch

as with meaty hands he removes my sunglasses.

They’re prescription, I plead, and now I can’t see.

Tough, he snarls, them’s the rules.

Squinting like Clint, I stumble towards the teller where,

in order to see through the tiny Perspex hole,

almost at knee height,

I put my criminal sunglasses back on.

Man Mountain watches but no longer cares,

he’s sparking testosterone,

preening and posing

for a curvy woman at customer service.

So now here I am in the Covid pandemic,

standing outside the bank,

my face covered by a mask,

looking at Man Mountain through the door,

thinking, this is going to be fun …


Author: roguesway

Journalist and Broadcaster. Former Editorial Director of All At Sea Magazine (Caribbean). Yachtsman. Author of the illustrated children's action-fantasy: The Farm of Horrors - A Moggie and Buster Adventure. Adult fiction includes Caribbean High & Caribbean Deep. Non-fiction: Biscay, Our Ultimate Storm & The Lucky Lady Cookbook.

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